Odyssey’s functional fat loss formula

Functional training

What is Functional Fat Loss?

Functional Fat Loss is Odyssey’s own all encompassing exercise formula specifically designed for lasting fat loss. Scalable to both men and women of all fitness levels, Functional Fat Loss provides the structure we use with every one of our clients to maximise fat loss and shape change.

Tell me more about the exercise programmes…

Having been assessed, you will have a six-week programme designed for you based on your body type and goals. Every six weeks, the phase of the programme changes to suit your body composition and progressions. For women, the programmes are geared towards weight loss and muscle tone, whilst the male programmes focus more on fat loss, shape change and functional strength. Functional Fat Loss routines comprise of a mixture of cardio and weights depending on your genetic body type.

You can expect variations of ‘high intencity and movement specific circuits’ including low, medium and high rep functional exercises to suit the individual. Barbells, dumbbells, swiss balls, power bands and kickboxing are used to make up the workouts. The beauty of Functional Fat Loss is that the routines not only focus on stripping fat from you, the exercises chosen are designed to improve your metabolic rate in the long term, lengthen your tight muscles and strengthen weak ones thus improving your posture and mobility.

This is where the ‘Functional’ part of the title comes from. Quite simply a vital part to any body composition related goal. Who is best suited for it? Anyone interested in dropping body fat, improving functional strength and fitness levels. The routines are tailored to the individual so whether you are male, female, a beginner or an Olympic athlete, Functional Fat Loss will help you achieve your goals for the long term. FFL ensures that your physique is a true representation of your physical capability.

We use Functional Fat Loss routines with every single one of our clients, most of whom are City professionals. Others include Fitness models, premiership footballers, stage performers and Personal Trainers.

What makes Functional Fat Loss so effective?

Traditionally, variations of bodybuilding or body sculpting programmes are used to reshape a body. In my opinion, isolating muscles like this comes at the expense of your health, fitness levels, flexibility and mobility, all of which reduce your athletethism and function.

Functional Fat Loss routines offer you body composition adaptations (i.e. lasting fat loss and shape change) aswell as the functional application. For the guys, our definition of being in great shape means having a hand in all of the 5 key ingredients: Relative strength, flexibility, endurance, core strength and of course being lean.

Functional Fat Loss priorities reducing body fat levels whilst dissecting your strengths and weaknesses within the other 4 elements. For the girls, low levels of body fat, a curvy figure, good muscle tone with endurance and good posture make up the full package. You can be sure that Functional Fat Loss with deliver all of the above.

The variation and specificity of the programmes ensure maximum stimulation and progressive overload to your muscle fibres, which is why you can expect great fat loss, results aswell as the additional gains in endurance, core strength and flexibility.

We pride ourselves both on the scientific value attached to our exercise model aswell as the variation within the workouts. You will never get bored and that is a promise!